The Beginning

Some people collect coins, dolls, stamps, or Fabergé eggs. Not Hans Hromatka. Hans Hromatka’s passion is for pencils. A lifelong collector, he searches the Viennese flea markets weekly for a first production of Brevillier-Urban’s Ariosto series or perhaps even a complete box of 100 year old unsharpened Zeus pencils. Decades of collection have created one of the largest pencil collections in the world.

The Translation

In 1996 Hans Hromatka finally had the opportunity to unite his work life with his passion when he purchased a fine art pencil manufacturer outside of Vienna. Renamed Cretacolor, the company got to know Hans Hromatka’s zeal for pencils immediately.

The Continuation

This passion for pencils transferred to the entire Cretacolor team, who responded to Hans Hromatka’s dreaming and questioning with fantastic new designs and innovations. Inventions including the revolutionary woodless Graphite Monolith and Aqua Monolith pencils resulted in prestigious Design Plus Awards.

Today 27 pairs of hands build a single pencil – all sharing Hans Hromatka’s intense passion to produce the most innovative and highest quality pencils and fine art materials.