Allround-Electric Sharpener “Herbert”

TOP NOVELTY Electric Sharpener!

Herbert is an electrically operated all-round sharpener. It can be used to sharpen school pencils, artist pencils, Graphite and colored pencils are child’s play! Simply charge the battery with the included MICRO USB cable. The sharpener is suitable for all pencil shapes between 6 and 12 mm in diameter. Whether round, with three or six edges or for pencils without a wooden casing – Herbert sharpens everything with flying colors!

– electric pencil sharpener with integrated rechargeable battery (incl. Micor USB cabel)

auto stop at perfect point

fast sharpening – prefessional fine point within 3-10 seconds

– perfect for  artist, graphite and coloring pencils

– for all shapes

– ideal for arts and crafts

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