Blister Cards


The eye-catching range of Cretacolor blister cards in their attractive designs is available in a multitude of different packs. Whatever the costumer is looking for – the type of product and the contents are clearly displayed.


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Nero, Graphite Aquarell, Graphite Sticks, Fine Art Graphite HB+2H+4H, Fine Art Graphite H+HB+B, Fine Art Graphite HB+2B+4B, Fine Art Graphite 3B+6B+9B, Monolith Graphite HB+2B, Monolith Graphite 4B+6B, Charcoal Pencils, Graphite Leads, Lead Holder, Kneadable Eraser, Pastelcarré Sepia/Sanguine, Pastelcarré Gold/Silver, Pastelcarré Black/White, Calligraphy Nib Set, Compressed Charcoal, Thunder & Lightning, Monolith Graphite 8B+9B, Artists Leads 1, Artists Leads 2, Artists Leads 3, Artists Pencils 1, Artists Pencils 2