Passion Box


25-piece Sketching and Drawing Set presented in an exclusive wooden case.

Content: Charcoal Pencils soft/medium, Nero Pencil soft, Black Pastel Pencil medium, Sepia Pencils light/dark, Sanguine Pencils oil/dry, White Pastel Pencil medium, artists’ leads Charcoal medium/White Pastel medium/Black Pastel medium, Pastel Carrés 7 x 7 mm permanent white/dark ochre/light sanguine/Van Dyck brown/umber/ivory  black, artists’ chalks 7 x 14 mm, Sketching Charcoal/Sanguine dry/Sepia dark and dry/Nero extra soft, paper stump 7 mm, kneadable eraser, artists’ sharpener.

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